SOLAR Powered Fish Pond Aerator Aeration system
*$495.00 Price Breakthough!   NOW: 3
different Larger Sizes also available!!!
(see below)

* US made, continuous duty rated pump is
fully serviceable and built to last.

*50ft of aeration tubing and commercial duty
air diffuser stone included.

*All connection hardware and complete

Before you buy - Please read below for full
information.  Feel free to call us too, we're
open 7 days a week!! (608)-254-2735.
What's really great about this sytem is that it is COMPLETELY SOLAR POWERED!!  (Yes, FREE
power).  No monthly electric bills follow you when using this system.  

After many, many requests from those of you who are a long, long way from the Power Grid to your
pond who wanted something "alternatively powered".....................Well, here it is!  We've spent over a
year and a half testing, monitoring and procuring the right components for an AFFORDABLE,
DEPENDABLE and BENEFICIAL  Solar Pond Aeration system.  If you have not aerated your pond
before, trust me...................YOUR POND WILL COME TO LIFE in the coming weeks and months after
you begin aerating!!!!  This system is for people with ponds where the cost of connecting to the power
grid is enormous (because if you Can connect to the electricity lines, you're much, much better off
going that route - please read "WHY SOLAR SUCKS" below to learn more).  

22 Watt Solar Aeration SYSTEM :

You will receive a US made "continuous duty" rated (very important) solar aeration pump (note: style
or color may vary slightly from photo), 50 feet of 3/8 inch inside diameter PVC Rubber Air Tubing (to
connect compressor to the INCLUDED "Self-Weighting" FlowMax Ultra air Diffuser  which is "tossed"
out into the pond and allowed to sink and releases the most efficient bubble size for Maximum aeration
& water mixing in your pond.  Also included is all the necessary connectors, clamps, inlet air filter, etc.
to install your system right out of the box!   PLUS - Our entire system is backed by our 90 Free
Replacement Warranty!!! (folks- please remember, this does NOT cover physical damage to the solar
panel).  You should be able to enjoy years of service with this system.

You will have to do the following:  Mount
included SOLAR PANEL(S)  securely in a South Facing
location at about a 30 degree angle.  Panel has a sturdy aluminum frame with pre-drilled mounting
holes.  The panel is glass and you don't want it to blow over and break in the wind.  (Trust me, i know -
we've done it!)  Aiming the panel is easy as you can hear the air pump running faster as you point at
the most efficient angle toward the sun.   You will also need to mount the pump in a somewhat
sheltered area to keep rain/snow/sun etc. from direct contact.  You can mount the air pump indoors
somewhere if you choose but this is Not necessary.  We've found the simplest and best location is at
the back side of the solar panel and simply provided with a small angled roof (tin, wood, etc.) over the
top to provide some shelter.

22 WATT system was designed to be as Affordable as possible, yet still deliver performance
worthwhile for your pond.  We've chosen
a PV panel  which is slightly over-rated just to the point of
allowing your system to operate during many average "semi-cloudy" days.  Output WILL drop during
cloudy conditions, but WILL typically continue to operate.  The output will vary from a maximum of
about 1/3 CFM in bright sunlite.  Less during dusk and dawn and cloudy periods AND will stop running
during the night, ready to resume the following daybreak.

Available Options for more performance.  Option #1: Add an additional solar panel & a
charge controller & Battery
, for additional Night time operation.  Option #2:  Install more
than one of these systems and Option #3- W
e also have a: 44 watt system with 100ft of hose
& 1 Diffuser for: $709.95 OR our
Large Dual Output 80 watt system with 200ft of hose & 2
diffusers for: $1149.95 is an outstanding value for customers with larger lakes & ponds.   We
Stock ALL sizes too.

So, YES SOLAR Electricity is cool!  It's FREE and typically long lived (photo voltaic panels typically last
20+ years in service).  Also, not getting an electric bill is awesome too.  BUT BEFORE YOU BUY A


1.  Solar doesn't work at nite without added expense of storage batteries and usually another (or
more) panels.

2. Solar puts out DC electricity.  AC power can be made with the extra expense of a Power Inverter
(also decreases your efficiency, as the inverter uses power to operate).

3. DC powered electric motors are typically not quite as long lived AND More Expensive than similar
sized AC electric motors.

4. Up front costs of installing solar vs. regular
AC powered system (for same output) is at least Double!

This covers what we feel are the major points with solar power.  If you're still interested after reading
this then perhaps a SOLAR SYSTEM is the RIGHT Application for your needs.  Try to find a system
priced anywhere near Our Price that isn't some kind of cheap "plastic toy".  You'll probably spend
nearly double anywhere else, if not a whole lot more than that.  This is a commercial duty continuous
run system with QUALITY components.  This system is meant to provide years of use.  Please email
me with any questions.   Thank you

However, over the recent years the performance of solar pv panels has increased and
pricing has come down.  Don't get us wrong here, Solar "CAN" be a good choice for the
right application and there are benefits involved (mainly No power bill to operate).  But if
you have AC power available and connect to it at reasonable or low cost - Then, from an
economic standpoint - You're probably better off using it in the long run.  We just want to
make you aware of the facts so that you can make an informed choice.

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