Medium Pond System
*New updated High Efficiency "Outdoor
Rated" Air Pump. 115 Volts and less than 1
amp of power draw! 50ft air hose $ Large
"self-weighted" 14 inch FlowMax Ultra Air

*Approx 8/10 cfm    * 1 year warranty on
entire system!  (220v models available upon

$309.95  plus $21 s/h to lower 48
In stock now.  Complete System.
Great system for ponds 1/8 acre to 1/3 acre in size and up to 15 feet deep.  Brand New system
includes US made Diffuser! (note-Pump style and/or color may vary from photo)  Approx size: 8" X 6" X
7" and weighs about 7lbs.  Continuous duty rated, we've seen these run over 4 years without service.   
Great system for de-icing needs (cold climates) too, generally keeping a 30-40 ft open hole in the ice
depending on depth of pond, ambient temperature and wind.   We use these systems in 1/4 acre
ponds and support 500 - 900 lbs of fish in cold water and with flow.  Typical maintenance (when
eventually needed) is generally replacement of a new diaphragm or valves with an inexpensive top
end kit available from us OR by sending your pump to us!.
This Complete System contains: Plug in power cord, stainless steel connection clamps, Hose
connector, Inlet air filter, instructions & bonus items including a Tubing splice & spare air filter element
Ready to "plug n' play" right out of the box!

Locate compressor indoors or outdoors.  Can also be installed inside a "box" enclosure (be sure it is

One year warranty on Entire System.   Approx operating cost: $7- $9.00 per month running

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254-2735 with credit card orders.  We're open 7 days a week - Year round!   We're here to help! & We
have what You Need for your pond!
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